My First Blog

I have decided to give blogging a go!

Words are not my strong point so expect spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.

My blogs will mostly be about my art with little snippets into my personal life.

If you do not know already I create realistic pastel drawings and acrylic paintings of animals. I like to add in as much detail as I can which leads me to focus on specific areas of an animal rather than the full body.

I started drawing clothing designs for textiles back in school (too many years ago!) But didn’t start drawing pictures until a couple of years later. I started by copying images I liked and tried to match the original as best I could. Needless to say these weren’t great, but the more I practiced the better I got.

When i turned 18 i got my first tattoo which lead down the road of tattoo design. I would design tattoos for myself and friends and eventually got myself an apprenticeship. Sadly this did not last for long they wanted help to get their new studio up and running more than a new artist. Unfortunately, I had to put tattooing aside for a couple of years and when i went back looking for an apprenticeship the whole industry had changed and I could not afford an apprenticeship.

This was when I decided to try painting! Once again I had a few paintings that should not been seen in public but after a bit of practice I felt like I had got it. The first painting I have been pleased with and proud of is my Baby Gorilla in Leaves, I dont look at this painting too much so i don’t start picking out errors.Every painting I do I try and make as good as the baby gorilla.

In my future blogs I will talk more about my painting and drawing. I will go through my techniques and processes for drawing and paintings. There will be snippets into my life, mostly my almost 2 year old border collie, Norman.