My Photography

In my spare I enjoy going out for walks or visiting places to take pictures. My favourite subjects are animals, no surprise there! If I can, I like to work from the pictures I take but that is another blog story.

I enjoy macro photography getting me close to my subject and so much detail! The photo of the bee on the thistle was taken on my phone! Phones are great now a days for photography! I base my phone chose on how good the camera is.

My days out are often planned on what photos I can take. It normally involves either a big house or animals or both! When I had a membership to English Heritage I went to some amazing places including the ruin above, Kirby Hall. Having moved to the Scottish Highlands I am sadly no longer a member.

Before moving to Scotland I was lucky enough to live near Whipsnade Zoo and a train and tube ride from London Zoo. Animals are by far my favourite subject to capture. Admittedly I do take a lot of pictures just to get the perfect one. I think it takes me longer to go through all the photos afterwards then it does to take them!

Since moving to Scotland I have come across some amazing wildlife. I have not been lucky enough to have seen otters of red squirrels yet but I keep looking. I do however have wildlife right in my garden as I found out when I let the dog out the other night and a massive stag was standing there!

There is a chance you might see one or two of these images make their way onto canvas in future! Make sure to follow me on social media to see more of my photography and art.