About Me

Hello, My name is Kelly Jones. I create both paintings and drawings using acrylics, pastels and graphite.


I have always been creative from a young age and took up sewing when I went to school achieving an A at GCSE and a C at A Level. From A Levels I decided to take some time out, get a job and think about what I wanted to do. I started sketching and drawing in my spare, mainly trying to copy images I liked to see how close I could get to the original. As you can image my first few attempts did not turn out so great, but with a lot of practice I improved.

When I was 20 I decided to go to Bedford College and complete a course in Art and Design with a focus on Fine Art. This was where my passion for drawing and painting really took off. From visiting galleries in London and New York, I got a taste of what can really be created on paper or canvas.

Giraffe Eye

From college I practiced my drawing, mainly in pencil and a small amount of painting (due to having to work in my small bedroom it was hard to paint as I had nowhere for the paintings to dry.) The more I created the more I enjoyed it and the better I wanted to become.

I eventually got a small studio in my garden giving me space to draw and paint (plus room in my bedroom to sleep!). With having more space I was able to experiment with acrylic paint, which I now absolutely love working with. I also experimented with my drawings trying out different mediums, one I came across was soft pastels. The way you can blend the colours and get a soft or hard colour is what I find great about soft pastels. Using the pastels in pencil form means you can get some of the fine details in an image. Acrylic and pastel have become my two most used mediums in my art. Along with the occasional graphite drawing.

Inspiration for my work comes from nature, mostly animals. I find animals to be very expressive in their eyes and body movements and trying to capture a moment of their personality on paper or canvas is what I try to achieve.


From wild tigers to domestic cats, a giant elephant to a tiny clown fish all animals fascinate me. Why do they travel so far or why do they stay in the same plant for their whole lives, I believe there is a lot to inspire in the animal kingdom.

In my work I like to add as much detail as possible and sometimes I will focus in on a certain area of the animal e.g. eyes. The closer you are the more detail there is. I like to try and recreate the texture of the animals fur or skin and make the paintings or drawings as realistic as possible.

I am a member of the Artist Network Bedfordshire. On their website you can see my gallery featuring some of my work. Take a look at my events page to see any upcoming events being held by them that I will be showing at.

Take a look around my site to see some of my work.